Parkmore has a collection of eateries that will get even the fiercest of foodies salivating.

Our food offerings are deliciously diverse, with a variety of Australian and international options at a range of price points.
Here is our round up of some of Parkmore’s best Food Finds.

Bahn Mi at Central Bakehouse

You haven’t tried Bahn Mi unless you’ve been to Central Bakehouse. This Vietnamese mouth watering baguette with a crispy crust and soft texture inside is filled with a range of delicious fillings. Grilled meat, pate, pickled vegetables and herbs provides the perfect mixture of texture, flavour and freshness.
Central Bakehouse is known for it’s delicious food and friendly staff.
Chicken Pho at Three Red Stripes

Searching for the best Pho (pronounced ‘fuh’)? Then you have to try the Chicken Pho at Three Red Stripes. Pho is a Vietnamese soup that contains broth, noodles, spices and thinly sliced meat, usually topped with herbs and sprouts.
Everything at Three Red Stripes is prepared with heart, using quality fresh ingredients.
Borek or Gozleme at Garlik

If you’re craving a taste of the Middle East, there is no kebabery like Garlik. The Borek and Gozleme rival some of the best in Australia. Borek is like a savoury pie made with light filo pastry, filled with things such as cheese, meat, spinach or potato. Gozleme is a savoury flatbread stuffed with all sorts of fillings like spinach and feta, spiced meat and more.
Take your tastebuds on a trip with Garlik, for an authentic, delicious experience.
Bubble Tea at Gotcha

If you haven’t tried Bubble Tea, you need to give this trend a try! Gotcha provides a luxury tea experience, using ingredients they farm themselves for the freshest taste. Bubble Tea is a delicious blend of tea, fresh ingredients like fruit and juice, milk and tapioca pearls.
For a world full of flavour and fun, make your next stop Gotcha!
Breadtop favourites

Breadtop has an impeccable selection of breads, cakes, buns and pastries - it’s impossible to choose a favourite! Their range of Australian and Asian inspired baked goodies are baked on site. You can’t get fresher than that!
For a vibrant, delicious treat, pop into Breadtop.
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