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Meet Nam from Quality Work Butchers
Blogged by: Parkmore Shopping 19 Dec 2016 View comments
If you know Parkmore, you know that Parkmore does fresh food right.  One of my favourite butchers in all of Melbourne is Quality Work Butchers so it’s quite exciting when I find out that I get to sit down with owner, Nam, talk about their large quality selection of meats.

Nam starts to tell me about their selection.  First of all, they sell farm fresh eggs.  He had me at, ‘farm fresh eggs’- if you’ve never tried farm fresh eggs, try them – once you go farm fresh you’ll never go back.  When my father retired he built a ranch in Missouri and one of his many project was building a chicken hut, I never looked back.

Nam who used to be a fish monger stocks what you would expect from a high quality butcher: Pork mince, sausage mince and eye fillet steak but also specializes in hard to find, unique cuts.

One any given day you can find goat leg, tripe, pork butterfly, Texas beef ribs, chicken egg yolk, duck heart, chicken feet or pigs kidney. They also sell a variety of artisan meats including but not limited to sundried tomato sausages and hot Mexican sausages – yum!

For the high quality, affordable meats in Keysborough, check out Quality Works Butchers and say hi to Nam – he’s a true local legend.

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