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Meet Brendan from Poultry & Game
Blogged by: Parkmore Shopping Centre 20 Dec 2016 View comments
Keysborough born and bred, Brendan, has worked at Poultry & Game for the last 18 years, 10 as manager so there’s no wonder why some of his local customers call him, ‘The Kiev King’.

Brendan started with Poultry & Game during his work experience whilst in high school, he did so well that he was hired!  Starting as a cleaner moving up to a cook and eventually a manager.  Brendan tells me that the part he loves most about his job is his customers, getting to them, their stories.  He knows most by name and from what I observed they know and love him too.

The range at Poultry & Game is large, Brendan tells me that they specialise in Chicken Kiev but also stock BBQ chicken and skinless chicken for the health conscious.  Some of the specialities  they offer are fresh rabbit and lemon pepper wings.  They even have the perfect snacks for the big match or birthday party – chicken sausage rolls and arancini balls – yum! 

For your next BBQ, party or a delicious dinner, head to Poultry & Game – say hi to Brendan for me, he’s a legend!

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