Christmas, Food, Gift Ideas Blogged by: Parkmore Shopping Centre 09 Nov 2020

The Gift of Gingerbread

As Christmas approaches, it's a great opportunity to reflect on what really matters. In a year where the world has felt upside down, Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate good old fashioned friendship, love and a sense of community.

With this in mind here's a range of fun ideas for homemade gifts made of gingerbread to give to the people who matter. Any of the ideas below can be made from this base gingerbread cookie recipe .

Whether it’s for a teacher, a neighbour, the local butcher or your pilates teacher, we hope your gift recipients find these ideas just as a-dough-rable as we do!

Gingerbread Christmas tree decorations

Once you make your gingerbread dough, cut out your cookies with cutters of your choice. We love angels, trees, snowflakes etc. Next, use the tip of a small icing nozzle to cut a hole near the top of your cookie. Ice your decorations, thread through ribbon and box up ready to be gifted. You can even use the icing to personalise your decorations.

Gingerbread cookie mix

You could put all the dry gingerbread cookie mix in a pretty jar and tie recipe instructions to the jar with a pretty ribbon for a cute DIY cookie gift.

GIngerbread wreath

Use a cake tin to make a 20cm circle with your dough. Then use a smaller cutter to make a hole in the centre. Now you have the base of your wreath. Use a small nozzle end to cut a whole in the top of your wreath to thread ribbon through. Cut out other cookie shapes like trees and angels with remaining dough. Bake separately then cool completely. Stick your cookie shapes to your wreath using thick icing. Decorate with more icing and leave to dry for a few hours. Thread through some ribbon, wrap your wreath and you are ready to gift it to someone who matters!

Gingerbread gift tag cookies

Like the decorations above, simple cut to the shapes you desire, pipe with icing and thread with string or ribbon to the top of your gifts.

Gingerbread friendship cake

Why not start a chain of giving with some gingerbread friendship cake? Bake some small cakes and gift to a neighbour or friend with a printed recipe, so they too can bake a friendship cake to pass to another friend. And so it continues, from neighbour to neighbour, spreading cheer (and yumminess).

These gifts will have you looking like one smart cookie!

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