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Christmas Food Gift Ideas
Blogged by: Parkmore Shopping Centre 20 Nov 2017 View comments
Need Christmas food gift ideas? We've created a list of the top Christmas food gift ideas to bring along to your celebrations this holiday season.

Christmas Cherries

Abundant during the Christmas period, but a rarity during months outside of December, cherries are a delicious and healthy treat enjoyed at any Christmas party. Perfect by themselves, or add more sweet temptation with a bottle of Moet. Pick up a fresh box of Christmas cherries from your Parkmore Shopping Centre Coles.


Reindeer Cupcakes

A DIY to enjoy with the kids, reindeer cupcakes are an easy gift perfect for Santa's little helpers. Cook a batch of cupcakes (we love chocolate cupcakes), add 2 pretzels as ears, a blue M&M as a nose and a red M&M as a mouth. Too cute!

raindeer cupcakes

Fruit Mince Pies

A classic Christmas treat, the Christmas fruit mince pie can be purchased pre-made from Coles or made from scratch. If making from scratch, our secret tip is to add a little cinnamon in with your icing sugar, this goes well with the delicious fruity inside.

christmas mince pies

DIY Gingerbread-House

Whether it’s decorating your home for a Christmas party or given as a gift, the DIY gingerbread-house is a fun DIY activity to enjoy with the kids! Available at Parkmore Shopping Centre Woolworths, DIY gingerbread-house kits have everything you need to make a gingerbread-house, including easy step-by-step instructions.

gingerbread house

Cherry and Chocolate Balls

Combine your choice of melted chocolate, pitted dates and a splash of coconut oil with fresh Christmas cherries! Another homemade dish that is simple and yummy. Perfect to bring along to any Christmas party.

christmas cherry balls

Cranberry Pineapple Punch

One for the adults, this cranberry pineapple punch is a perfect gift for the Christmas party. With 3 cups of cranberry juice, pineapple juice and 4 cups of gingerale, this sparkling Christmas punch is perfect to enjoy during the hot Australian Christmas. Add a splash of your favourite spirit to get the party going!

From a range of fresh foods and naughty treats, grab your Christmas food gift at Parkmore Shopping Centre.

christmas punch

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