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Meet Lyn at Parkmore Seafood
Blogged by: Parkmore Shopping Centre 21 Dec 2016 View comments
In 1979 Lyn and her husband immigrated from Vietnam and 20 years later they opened Parkmore Seafood.  Yes, that makes Parkmore Seafood a whopping 17 years old and the 2nd oldest shop at Parkmore Shopping Centre.  Lyn tells me that it’s her customers that have kept her going this long –and she loves them.  Most customers are regulars, she knows them, their family, their stories.  I can see why the customers keep coming back.  Not only is Lyn one of the loveliest humans that I’ve ever met but the seafood selection that her and her husband offer is extensive.  

On the day I visit, they have well over 40 types of fish including marlin, barramundi (a summer favourite, Lyn tells me) and red tuna.  They also sell assorted shellfish including mussels,  banana prawn, scallops and octopus.

Lyn and her husband rise before sunrise to get to the fish markets at 3AM to start their day and bring the freshest possible fish to their loyal customers.  And from what their customer’s say – it is the freshest around.  So come in, take your pick and enjoy!

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