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Meet Linda from Three Red Stripes
Blogged by: Parkmore Shopping Centre 21 Dec 2016 View comments
Manager of Three Red Stripes, Linda, spent the start of her career in the corporate world  but her heart was always in her childhood job, food retail.  As a child, Linda’s parents owned a Bakery and her and brother and sister worked there after school and on the weekends.  As grownups, Linda moved into the corporate world while her brother became a restaurateur always offering Linda a position at one of his restaurants whenever she was ready.  About 4 months ago Linda took him up on the offer and took the position as a manager of Three Red Stripes restaurant and social media. Linda tells me that her favourite thing about working in corporate finance was the one of one interactions with people, the very same thing that she most enjoys at Three Red Stripes.

Three Red Stripes serves authentic  Vietnamese food, Linda’s favourite being Bum Bo Hue or BBH for short. It’s a spicy soup filled to the brim of the bowl with pork, beef and vegetables.  Pho and rice paper rolls are what I see most customers eating and it all makes me very hungry.  The large menu range also has spring rolls (chicken, prawn and vegetarian) plus traditional Vietnamese Teas/Coffee.

If you’re looking for fresh, healthy and delicious food – Three Red Stripes is your spot!  For more photos follow their Instagram.

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