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​Meet Winston from Subway at Parkmore
Blogged by: Parkmore Shopping Centre 02 Aug 2016 View comments
Let me start by saying.  I love Subway.  When I first discovered the healthy fast food restaurant, I ate it every day for breakfast, six months consecutively.  My local Subway sandwich artists knew me by name and order.  Before I drank coffee, Subway was my coffee.
Spending his former life in Engineering and marketing, Winston applies his former life’s work ethic and strategy to his new career.  

Subway started far far away from Winston and Shopping Centre and the 44,000 stores in over 100 countries. The first Subway was started by 17 year-old school graduate in 1965 looking to make some money to pay for his university education.   In 1988, Subway made its way Australia, hitting Perth first and slowly making its way East.
Today Winston and his team are serving healthy meal options to the Keysborough area.   They also participate in a local Healthy Bites program that provides low carb, low sugar options to diners.  Heavily involved in the community Winston provides special offers to footy and sports clubs.  Don’t worry, Winston also offers special offers to non-sporting members plus loyalty cards!

I leave Winston, sub in hand, excited to have seen even a small bit into the world of Subway.

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