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Meet Trung at Cafe E
Blogged by: Parkmore Shopping Centre 03 Aug 2016 View comments
In another life, Trung was a Vietnamese activist that helped his community by being one of the first Vietnamese speaking marriage celebrants.  Before Trung became a marriage celebrant, Vietnamese couples were forced to use an English speaking celebrant and an interpreter, hardly romantic.  Being a celebrant wasn't lucrative at that time, Trung had a calling to help his people.

Trung and his wife have been loyal Parkmore shoppers and their favourite cafe was Cafe E (Trung doesn't drink coffee, he prefers chai latte - a man after my heart).  When Trung was looking to buy and run a cafe he looked no further than his favourite shopping Centre, Parkmore Shopping Centre. He saw the potential, tasted their great coffee and imagined his wife's delicious Vietnamese fusion cakes lined in the shelves and about 4 months ago, Trung took over Cafe E.

Trung is extremely likable, he has shoulder length silver hair, a generous smile and kind eyes.  Originating from Saigon he adds a Vietmanese twist to most of his dishes.  Homemade pumpkin soup (perfect for these cold days), traditional waffles, carrot cake, camamel cheesecake,  French Vanilla slice even a variety of gluten free cakes!

Cafe E's major draw is their award winning Melba organic coffee, I order mine with their delicious Bonsoy soy milk.  As an obsessive coffee drinker, I can tell you, it's the best in Melbourne plus their amazing baristas have incredible latte art skills.  Coffee isn't the only drink they do well.  They have SEVEN milkshake flavours, Bundaberg craft ginger beer, over 40 types of soft drinks and Gaterade!

Stop by Cafe E, try their homemade cookies, meet Trung and become one of the thousand customers that he knows by name.

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