This is how we Christmas, Personalised Gifts Blogged by: Parkmore Shopping Centre 10 Dec 2019

Personalised Christmas Gifts

If you’re looking for a way to make a present for someone extra special, we have a great idea for you. Personalise it!
There is nothing more special than a gift that has had some thought put into it, with a personalised message or with someone’s name on it. The benefit is that these days, you don’t have to pre-order and wait 3 months for a custom order to be delivered. With these options, you’ll have a gorgeous, quality gift purchased, made and ready in no time at all.
Here are some of the personalised Christmas gift options we love this year for little people and big people.


Bring joy to your loved ones with some fun personalised gifts from Kmart, like this kids height chart, alphabet mugs, personalised family Christmas tees. They even have customisable Milo tins and Toblerones!



Pandora have a range of beautiful letter and number charms to spoil someone with a precious piece of jewellery.



Michael Hill have some stunning letter pendants and engravable pieces to adorn your loved one.


They say it’s the thought that counts… and it truly is!

For more inspiration, check out our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide
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