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Meet Reem at Michael Hill
Blogged by: Parkmore Shopping Centre 02 Aug 2016 View comments
I must disclose, I know nothing of jewellery.  The only jewellery I wear on a regular basis is a pendant necklace my mother was given as a child, mostly because it's difficult to take off and I don't notice it when it's on.  Walking into Global high end jewellery brand, Michael Hill, I am mezmorized by the all of the sparkles and I immediately want to be proposed to with one of the huge shiny rocks I'm surrounded by.

I have one million questions for Reem.  She tells me that Parkmore is one of 300 stores in the Michael Hill portfolio and that Mr Hill himself is aiming to hit 1000 across NZ, USA, Canada and Australia.  Michael Hill's people focused motto comes across in each word Reem enunciates.  She tells me about the lifetime guarantee they offer on all diamonds.  If you buy a diamond ring and 30 years later the diamond becomes loose and falls out, Michael Hill will replace it.  I cannot believe it.   They also offer a lifetime trade up scheme, that means that you can at anytime bring in a piece of Michael Hill jewellery and trade it in for something different.  They offer free jewellerypolishing, even if it's not from Michael Hill!   I wish I had jewellery that I could clean for free!

Reem tells me that not only do they sell engagement and wedding rings, they also sell jewellery for all ages and a range of Michael Hill watches (Michael Hill is a 6 generation watch maker - who knew!?)  By looking around, I can see that there are a large range of items (all exclusive to Michael Hill) and prices.  I see rings from $129 all the way to $20k!  'How can someone afford such an expense?!', I ask.  Reem tells me of their affordable payment plans - this place has everything!

Michael Hill really gives you the full experience, you know what you're buying, you get a lifetime guarantee and a lifetime friend.

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