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Meet Brett and Mr Minit
Blogged by: Parkmore Shopping Centre 02 Aug 2016 View comments
There are 5 major reasons to visit Mr Minit, store manager Brett tells me:

1. Shoe repairs
2. Key cutting
3. Engraving
4. Watch service
5. Car keys & remotes

Although this was not always the case.  The first Mr Minit opened in Belguim in 1957 with the sole service of mending heels.  And now 59 years later, Brett at Parkmore Shopping Centre will still save your sole.  He can also replace lost keys, engrave jewellery for a special birthday gift, fixing that loved watch or getting an additional remote for your new teenage driver.

There are definitely 5 solid reasons to visit Parkmore's Mr Minit but I'll give you a 6th - store owner Brett.  He's nice, is great for a chat, is knowledgable, experienced with 30 years in the industry and relatable.  From Adelaide originally, Brett made his way out to Victoria with Mr Minit as a state trainer, I'm not suprised, Brett strikes me as teacher type, easy to trust and knows his stuff. In 2003, Brett decided to buy into the Mr Minit franchise making the Parkmore Mr Minit, the first to franchaise to Victoria!  Brett is passionate about his career with Mr Minit and I can see why, they are a strong, reliable brand that even sent him to Toyko in the middle of Cherry blossom season for a conference!

Brett is a real person fixing problems and I like that.  I'm extremely great at creating problems so I'm sure I'll be back to visit Brett in no time.

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