Easter Crafts

Fun Easter Crafts and Activities to create at home
If you’re looking for eggcellent ways to keep the kids busy this Easter, let us help. Read on for a list of fun activities and crafts you can make at home, inexpensively.

Kids stay busy - TICK!
Decorations done - TICK!
Parental craft goddess/god recognition - TICK TICK!!!

COVID-19 has seen people become more frugal. We don’t need to spend a fortune every holiday season. There’s no need to be egg-stra! These smart and simple ideas will make this Easter one of your best (and most creative and fun) yet.

SOCK BUNNIES - You know those odd socks you never found the partner to? We’ve got the perfect use for them. Simply fill your sock with some uncooked rice. Tie two pieces of string, one around the bottom of the head and one around the top below the ears. Cut the loose top fabric down the centre and round off the ears with scissors. Tie a bow or bow tie around the neck (and ears if you choose). Glue eyes, a nose, whiskers and other embellishments and pop your bunnies around your home! Great for making ahead of your Easter function or, as a craft activity table for kids on the day!

EASTER BUNNY VASE - If you’re looking for a sweet Easter table centrepiece, nothing could be simpler or cuter than an Easter bunny vase! Paint a jar white, stick on some googly eyes, a pink felt nose and some little felt bunny feet with pink paw pads on the front of the jar. Stick two long felt bunny ears on the back, with smaller pink centres. Draw some black whiskers and a mouth with a thin tipped permanent marker. Finally, fill your bunny vase with some fresh blooms!

BUNNY BUNTING - All you need to make your own Easter bunny bunting is some string, brown or coloured cardboard (raid your recycling!), a bunny template, a pencil, a glue stick, sticky tape and some pompoms. Use your bunny template and pencil to create as many bunnies as desired. Cut them out and stick a pompom tail on each. Next, tape your bunnies to the string (leaving a good 30cm length of string at each end).

EASTER EGG CRAFT HUNT - Create your own Easter egg hunt at home! Cut out bunny footprints to lead the kids to clues and eggs. Print and stick the various cute signs to cardboard, tape a wooden skewer onto them and place them around the yard (or house, minus the skewer!).

EGG RACE - This is a hilarious game for the whole family. Simply line up, hands behind back and on your knees. Each player has to roll an egg to the finish line using only their nose. Watch the eggs wobble all over the place as everyone else has a good belly laugh. Alternatively you can carry them on a spoon and go for gold! This is a little more fun (and messy) with real eggs.

That’s all yolks!

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