Celebrate Easter Safely

Ideas to help keep your loved ones close this Easter, even though they may be far from you.
COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. Whilst in Australia we are lucky with restrictions being eased far more than in other parts of the world, there are still many of us who are apart.

This year, you can still celebrate Easter with those you love. Humans have become better than ever at maintaining and rebuilding connections. Here are some ideas to help you keep your loved ones close this Easter, even though they may be far from you.

1. SEND A CARD - Nothing beats opening your letterbox to see a handmade card from grandkids, nieces, nephews etc. This year, get your kids to spend some time creating something special for someone far away. It might be a family member in another country, a grandparent in a nursing home or simply a friend in another state. Either way, they’ll be touched by the gesture.

2. DIGITAL EASTER HUNT - The world of modern technology means nobody has to miss out on an Easter hunt! Why not video call in grandma and grandpa from different phones, buddy them up with the kids and let them help the kids solve riddles and navigate signage to find their eggs!

3. SURPRISE THEM - There are many elderly relatives living in nursing homes, unable to see family or unable to see many at once. Together with your kids, make some big, bright Easter signs, dress up in your bunny best and surprise them outside a window with special messages of love and well wishes.

4. VIRTUAL RELIGIOUS CELEBRATIONS - If you are religious and unable to join your normal group gatherings, you can join your Easter celebration by virtual means. Many religious groups have upgraded technology to be inclusive to all of their congregation, wherever they may be. Just plan ahead and ask for help.

5. BE INCLUSIVE - Importantly, Easter is about love and togetherness. COVID-19 has created many lonely people, however has also seen a rise in good old neighbourhood values. Think about who in your local community might be lonely or need help this Easter. Perhaps you could leave them a gift at the door, or give them a homemade card to let them know you care.
Happy Easter everyone, we wish you all a special, loving time, together or from afar.